New Year’s Eve Fireworks 2017

Celebrate the beginning of the New Year

New Year’s Eve Port Macquarie

Get set for a fun filled evening at Westport Park in Port Macquarie, where the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council will host community fireworks at the family-friendly time of 9pm.

Grab your picnic blankets, drinks and nibbles for what is sure to be a spectacular mix of lights, sounds and atmosphere with the Young Family Carnival as a backdrop.

For those seeing in the New Year, you’ll be able to count down to the start of 2017 when Port Macquarie Chamber of Commerce and Taphouse Group light up the sky at midnight.

Young Family Carnival

The carnival’s final night will be Thursday 19 January 2017.

“We welcome everyone, but we really aim to make it a fun and happy environment so people can come down with the kids and their family and make a night of it.”
– Bernie Young

New Year’s Eve Laurieton

Meanwhile, Laurieton United Services Club is sponsoring the annual Fireworks Spectacular on the Camden Haven River Foreshore at 9pm.

A Family Fun Fair kicks off at 5pm outside the club on the Camden Haven Foreshore with rides and entertainment, featuring jumping castle, giant slide, Troppo Bob the Magician, music and more.

Please take precautions to reassure your pets during the fireworks.

    • Hi Corrine, as an extended family we always love heading into Westport Park in Port Macquarie to see the fireworks and wander through the carnival. It has turned into a family tradition of ours since our daughter was born. Port always has such a great atmosphere that evening in town, it’s great just being a part of it.

      Laurieton also normally has fireworks and a family fun evening by the Camden Haven River Foreshore. It’s another popular place to spend NYE for families in our area, and not that far from Port.

      There are also plenty of family nights held at many venues around Port, but we’ll know specifics in the coming months, so keep an eye out here for more information.

      Hope this helps! x

  1. Sabrina says:

    HI !!!! we arrived with my son (8 years old) and my husband the 31 december 2017 for 1 night (mini road trip) where is the best place for the fireworks ?

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